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Optimist J-sail - The champions choice!
Optimist J-sail - The champions choice!
Sale price: 840.00
J-Sails are the most popular Optimist sail in the worlds with more regatta wins than any other builder.NB are the exclusive reseller of J-sails in Australia and have been supply these sails for close to a decade. 
As with many sailmakers there are models to suit sailors weights, but there is also a choice depending on your sailing technique. Recently more advanced sailors have been using slightly different techniques, with softer sprits, and a closer sheeting angle - this is NOT for everyone and its best to be very honest with yourself when buying a sail (the 2.0 version) - if you are using a std Black Gold rig, or MkIv or Giulietti, then this MAY not be for you and you should purchase the 1.0 versions - which are by a margin the most popular! It is also fair to say that not everyone is wedded to this technique either!
We have also a very limited stock of the "minus" range which help sailors on the cusp between the weight categories.
Please discuss with NB, your coach, your mentor, your parents phsyciatrist or whoever you feel necessary before making your selection..here's a helpful guide though:
J-sail Options...weight guide
Green: Sailors weight < 35kgs
Blue: Sailors weight 35-44kgs
Red:Sailors weight 43-50kgs+
Black: Sailors weight 50kgs +
Always best to think ahead on the weight remember your going to grow and so it may be wise to buy up a level - unless the regatta is next week... Make your selections the sail that matches the sailors weight, if you are not sure call to discuss.
Our sails come in a sail bag and are measured - numbers and country letters are fitted, as well as tel-tales.
Tell us your sail number and any other useful info..unsure of your selection, need some advice?