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First Flight Package
First Flight Package
Sale price: 990.00
List price: 1,100.00
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This is the ducks guts, the whole hog, the VIP service.

We'll take delivery of your Waszp, pimp it, and then give you a three hour private coaching session so you're on track right from the outset. Your boat will be fully tuned and spit polished, and then you'll learn how to rig, launch, fly, and return safely to shore under world class guidance.

If you're serious about a fast learning curve to racing your Waszp, then this is definitely what you're looking for.

Whats included:

  • All upgraded parts - tapered mainsheet, upgraded gantry bolts, soft shackles and more.
  • Tuning of the gantry, wand, push rods, and ride height adjuster so your Waszp flies the first time you step aboard.
  • Tuning of the sail control systems - mainsheet bridle, downhaul, outhaul, wishbone connector, cams and battens.
  • Full clean and detail.
  • 3 hour private coaching session at WSC or RPAYC.
  • Bragging rights when you foil tack on your first sail*
If you want more info, give Tom a buzz on 0417 384 251.
*Individual results may vary