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Pimp my Waszp
Pimp my Waszp
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Lets face it, learning to foil is going to be a challenge, even more so if the foils aren't tuned properly and the systems aren't running smoothly. Not to mention that when the boat arrives you just want to go sailing rather than spend a whole day piecing it together out of the box....

Available exlusively to people who buy their boats through NB Sailsports, we can rig and tune your boat so that its ready to step on and ride. We'll take delivery of your boat and then take the time to esure everything is set up just right.


  • All upgraded parts - tapered mainsheet, upgraded gantry bolts, soft shackles and more.
  • Tuning of the gantry, wand, push rods, and ride height adjuster so your Waszp flies the first time you step aboard.
  • Tuning of the sail control systems - mainsheet bridle, downhaul, outhaul, wishbone connector, cams and battens.
  • Full clean and detail.