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Private Waszp Trial
Private Waszp Trial
Sale price: 250.00

If you're considering buying a boat this is exactly what you're looking for. You’ll get to try a demo boat over a 3 hour session with a world class foiling expert providing guidance. By the end you’ll feel confident in the characteristics of the boat, and feel confident that you’ll be able to develop the skills necessary to get around the racetrack.

If you order your boat through us, you'll get two free group coaching sessions, as well as a 10% dicount on the "Pimp my Waszp" service. 

What’s included:

  • 3 hours of max 4:1 instruction with Josh Mcknight, detailing the boat and techniques required.
  • Use of an NB Sailsports demonstration Waszp for the duration of the session.
  • On water safety support and coaching.
  • If you buy your Waszp through NB after doing a trial, we will include 2 free group coaching sessions with other new owners when your boat arrives.
  • 10% discount on the "Pimp my Waszp" if you buy your Waszp through NB.
If you'd like more information drop a line to Tom on 0417 384 251.