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SailQube: Self-Bailing! Ideal School Optimist
SailQube: Self-Bailing! Ideal School Optimist
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List price: 3,450.00
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Perfect Sailing School Boat

Rotomolded hull designed to be the most durable, simple rigged and maintenance free option for learn to sail programs or noncompetitive individuals. The best feature about these boats is that they self-drain, meaning you don't need to bail the water out of the boat and when the boat rights after a capsize the cockpit is 100% dry anayway! It is the best designed Optimist EVER! 

(not a class legal racing Optimist)

Comes ready to sail with; 

Hull: SailCube 

Spars: Optiparts Sleeve Set 

Foils: Optiparts Fibreglass Foil Set

Sail: Colourful and highly visable Optiparts Sleeve Sail 

Rigging: basic rope and block pack for tow-rope, mainsheet and vang