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NEW Ovington OK
NEW Ovington OK
Sale price: 15,050.00

NEW Ovington OK

The ALL NEW Ovington Ok raises the bar on all previous OKs. Built in epoxy, perfectly symmetrical with a high spec fit out. With foils and a number of unqiue features - such as the tappered c/b case, it has quickly become the choice of the top sailors.

Cumley, Hunt, Budzien, McMillan have all made the switch. Early testing by Hunt and Cumley suggests the boat has excellent speed. On its debut at selected regattas, it was unbeatable in the spring cup, Kiel and runner up in the Euros. Chris Turner, who had not sailed an OK before, was 8th at the worlds...lookout. 

The above provided is an AUS delivered price, GST inc. - fully fitted hull, rudder and centreboard only. 

We do our best to meet you colour requirements - please let us know your preferences and we will get back to you.