Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
  • The following terms and conditions apply when purchasing from NB Sailsports  "the company”.
  • All goods remain the property of the company until full payment is received. 
  • Are only excepted by the company when the items supplied do not meet the ordered specification.  In this case the cost of return freight is covered at the companies expense. 
  • In the case of returns where the company has supplied an item that did not meet the ordered specification then the company will provide a refund. In cases where customers cancel orders for goods and services prior to delivery the company may refund at its discretion any deposits paid. Specifically, the company does not refund deposits paid to reserve a charter boat nor deposits paid to secure a boat build slot, or reserve a boat (taking it off the open market). 
  • It is the customers responsiblity to enure goods meet their requirements prior to purchasing - no refunds will be given unless the product fails to meet the manufacturer or technical specfication
  • The company respects and complies with the prevailing privacy legislation and does not sell customer information to third parties.
  • The company takes great care to ship goods correctly packed and in a timely fashion. Shipping is calculated using third party calculators. Our policy is NOT to use standard letter post – even for smaller items. For smaller items we use express post, which adds to the cost, but increases the customers ability to track their shipment. Our minimum shipping cost is therefore $12 and our customers need to bear this in mind when putting together orders. Please Refer to guide below for shipping costs. 
  • From the 17 of December until early January each year the courier system in Australia becomes congested. NB makes no representations as to the performance of shippers during this period. 
SHIPPING WILL TAKE UP TO 7-10 Days From When An Order is Placed. 
CLIPPER: Sydney only
  • Same day delivery to Sydney metro area (orders made before 9am).
  • Max weight 20kg
  • PRICE $15
Star Track: Nationwide
  • Cost Dependant on Order size

  • 500g express post bag - $12
  • 3kg express post bag - $15  
Selling on consignment
This is a popular service and set out below are the terms and conditions which apply. 
  • The consignee and NB must agree a fair market price (AFMP)
  • NB shall have the power to negoiatie a final price with a customer ± $500 within the AFMP and will confer with 
  • The boat will be detailed and defective parts remedied to support the AFMP - this effects the settlement to consignee please read this carefully
  • Parts and detailing will be duducted from the settlement following sale.
  • Settlement to the consignee will be within fourteen days of payment from the customer and will be caluclated on the following basis
  • Settlement = ($ Sale price - $ detailing costs - $ parts) * 0.8
  • Should a consigned boat not sell within ten weeks, then NB shall have the right to charged storage at the fee of $100 per month which will be deducted from the settlement.